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Horse-drawn Carriage Battlefield Tours - Town Tours- Gettysburg, Pa

Visit Gettysburg. 

Learn some History.

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Horse-drawn carriage tours of the Gettysburg Battlefield given by Gettysburg National Military Park Authorized and Licensed Battlefield Guides.

In-Town Guided Carriage Tours with our town Historians and leisurely Gettysburg Town Carriage Rides.

Horse-drawn Carriage Battlefield Tours - Town Tours - Walking Tours- Gettysburg, Pa


Licensed Battlefield Guided Carriage Tours

2 Hour Guided Battlefield Carriage Tour $49.50 

  • 2 Hour Carriages are normally available everyday except Thursday.

1 Hour Guided Battlefield Carriage Tour $29.50 

  • 1 Hour Carriages are normally available Sunday and over Holiday Weekends.

These are Adult Prices. Children 3 and under are free as a Lap Child.  Child pricing tiers are individual to rides and can be found by clicking on the item.  Not all tours are available every day.

Special offer on admission to the Gettysburg Heritage Center!   

THE Recommended way to start your Gettysburg Trip!

  • Save 20% on your ticket to the Gettysburg Heritage Center when you book any Horse Tours of Gettysburg Carriage or Horseback Tour! Only $7.00 each (that’s 20% off our everyday item price of $8.95) when you add them to your Horse Tour booking!

  • An easy way to purchase your tickets for admission the the amazing Gettysburg Heritage Center Film and Museum!

  • See their award winning Film and Animated Map-  The animated maps combine digital effects and live footage to bring the 3 day  movement across the Battlefield to life. 

Our Licensed Guides highly recommend beginning your Gettysburg trip at Gettysburg Heritage Center Museum with their award winning 20 minute visual and interactive orientation to the Gettysburg Battlefield!

  • Make sure to set aside time to shop the outstanding selection of History Books (your Battlefield Guide more then likely has a book or two on their shelves!), various Guides to Gettysburg and amazing history themed items in their Gift Shop!
  • Tickets purchased for the Gettysburg Heritage Center can be used at anytime during the season and do not require a reservation.
  • Once admission is added on to your Carriage or Horseback Tour purchase, your tickets are valid any time during our regular operating hours, for the calendar year (2018). Hours of operation can be found by visiting the Gettysburg Heritage Center online.


Gettysburg. In Depth.    2018 Special Topic Carriage Tours 


On Special Topic Tours the Guides do orient you to the Battle, but concentrate on the details of the Special Topic being discussed.

We do recommend the 2 Hour Licensed Battlefield Guided Carriage or the 1 Hour Battlefield North Carriage Tour for visitors looking for a general overview and discussion of the Gettysburg Battlefield.

Just when you thought you had seen all there was to see at Gettysburg!

Special Topic Guided Carriage Tours

are chosen and designed by our Licensed Battlefield Guides.
Join our Licensed Battlefield Guides as they take over the carriage to give in-depth topic tours on the subjects and events that intrigue and fascinate them.

Saturday May 26, 2018: 2pm We have come to dedicate a portion of that field…
Carriage and Walking Tour with Licensed Battlefield Guide Tim Bassett

  • A Special tour of the Gettysburg National Cemetery in observance of Memorial Day, a time to honor and remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. We will begin our tour with a 1 hour carriage ride through the park discussing the aftermath of the battle, the burial of the dead, the plans for the creation of the cemetery and modern war burials that continue today. We will then disembark at the Taneytown Road cemetery parking lot for a 1 hour walking tour of the cemetery. We will visit Soldiers National Monument, the Minnesota Urn, the graves of several soldiers, and the site where one of the world’s greatest speeches, the Gettysburg Address, was delivered. The walking tour will be approximately one mile on mainly level terrain with paved walkways. We will be on grassy areas when visiting individual grave sites. This is a 2.5 Hour Tour.
Sunday July 1, 2018: 4pm ||Team of Rivals Tour||

Sunday July 1, 2018- 4 PM “Team of Rivals Tour” Battlefield and Town Carriage Tour with Joe Mieczkowski, Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides Past President in character as Simon Cameron, Secretary of War

  • Simon Cameron, fought hard to be included in President Lincoln’s Cabinet. “That his reputation was not spotless was not altogether a negative, Lincoln always had a fondness for slightly damaged characters.” (David Herbert Donald, Lincoln, p. 266). As the crisis of secession was unfolding, President Lincoln chose to appoint to his cabinet all three of his rivals, as well as Simon Cameron, Pennsylvania’s favorite son. Seward- Secretary of State; Chase- Secretary of the Treasury; Bates- Attorney General; Cameron- Secretary of War. How was this “team of rivals,” each one convinced of their superiority to newly elected President Lincoln, able to work together during one of our countries greatest times of division? Join the ‘dastardly and despicable’ Mr. Simon Cameron on this 2 hour Carriage Tour through the Battlefield and Town of Gettysburg as he discusses how the infamy and critical decisions of these rivals affected critical maneuvers leading up to and during the Battle of Gettysburg. This is a tour not to miss!
Sunday June 3, 2018: 2:30pm The Peach Orchard- July2, 1863

Sunday June 3, 2018: 2:30pm “The Peach Orchard- July2, 1863” 2 Hour Carriage Tour with Licensed Battlefield Guide Ralph Siegel

  • Join Ralph Siegel for a 2 Hour Tour by Carriage on the Gettysburg Battlefield. Route circles the Peach Orchard via Warsaw Ridge, also giving guests great views of the Eisenhower Farm.
    On this tour our exclusive focus will be on the fighting on July 2nd, the bloodiest day of the battle. The Peach Orchard, sometimes overlooked, was the center of the stage on which would occur some of the heaviest infantry and artillery fighting of the American Civil War. Join Licensed Battlefield Guide Ralph Siegel as we cover this critical terrain at a comfortable pace to allow for all the detail and emotion of this intense battle, from the opening cannon shots to the suicide charge of the 1st Minnesota Infantry that ends the day. You will get off the Carriage at various points to get up close and personal with the Battlefield. This is a 2 Hour Tour.

Horseback Tours Across the Gettysburg Battlefield

2 Hour Licensed Guide Horseback Tour $82

1.5 Hour Licensed Guided Horseback Tour $70

Per insurance requirements, all participants must:
Weigh 250 pounds or less
Everyone must be age 8 and up.
Participants ages 15 and under must also be accompanied on the tour by a parent or guardian.

If you are age 18 and and older and do not wish to wear a helmet, you MUST SIGN A HELMET WAIVER

In the event we are not able to have a live Licensed Battlefield Guide on a tour, we had our guide go into the studio to record their tour as a Recorded Narrative.  The headlines of each tour will state Licensed Battlefield guide or Recorded Narrative.

1.5 Hour Tours are not offered daily.  Normally the Last ride of the day on Sundays and the 12:30 Tour during the School Week. If you can not find availability for the day you are looking for a 1.5 hour tour, it is probably because there are only 2 hour tours that day; you can click on the 2 Hr Horseback Tour to see available spots.