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Horse-drawn carriage tours of the Gettysburg Battlefield given by Gettysburg National Military Park Authorized and Licensed Battlefield Guides.

In-Town Guided Carriage Tours with town Historians, leisurely Downtown Gettysburg, PA Carriage Rides.

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Licensed Battlefield Guided Carriage Tours

2 Hour Guided Battlefield Carriage Tour : Adult $52.50 /Child 4-12 $32

  • 2 Hour Carriages are normally available everyday except Thursday.

1 Hour Guided Battlefield Carriage Tour:  Adult $33.50/Child 4-12 $28.50

  • 1 Hour Carriages have limited availability, normally  Sunday and over Holiday Weekends.

Children 3 and under are free as a Lap Child.  Not all tours are available every day.

'Special Topic' 2 Hour Carriage Tours designed by our Licensed Guides: Adult $55/Child 4-12 $39

Special offer on admission to the Gettysburg Heritage Center!   

THE Recommended way to start your Gettysburg Trip!

  • Save 20% on your ticket to the Gettysburg Heritage Center when you book any Horse Tours of Gettysburg Carriage or Horseback Tour! Only $7.50 each (that’s 15% off our everyday item price of $9.00) when you add them to your Horse Tour booking!
  • An easy way to purchase your tickets for admission the the amazing Gettysburg Heritage Center Film and Museum!
  • See their award winning Film and Animated Map-  The animated maps combine digital effects and live footage to bring the 3 day  movement across the Battlefield to life. 

Our Licensed Guides highly recommend beginning your Gettysburg trip at Gettysburg Heritage Center Museum with their award winning 20 minute visual and interactive orientation to the Gettysburg Battlefield!

  • Make sure to set aside time to shop the outstanding selection of History Books (your Battlefield Guide more then likely has a book or two on their shelves!), various Guides to Gettysburg and amazing history themed items in their Gift Shop!
  • Tickets purchased for the Gettysburg Heritage Center can be used at anytime during the season and do not require a reservation.
  • Once admission is added on to your Carriage or Horseback Tour purchase, your tickets are valid any time during our regular operating hours, for the calendar year (2019). Hours of operation can be found by visiting the Gettysburg Heritage Center online.

Gettysburg. In Depth.  2019 Special Licensed Guide Events


Online booking: Private 2 hr Car Tours with a Licensed Battlefield Guide


Saturday April 27, 2019 1:00pm – 3:30pm

Description of imageBattlefield Book Walk: GLBG and Author Ralph Siegle, “Peach Orchard: A Gettysburg Battlefield Guided Tour”

Ever wonder how Guides put together their touring guides to Gettysburg? How do they decide it is time to write a book? So much information and only so many pages…..

  • 2.5 hours of Peach Orchard
  • 2.5 hours of stories and history with the one and only GLBG Ralph Siegle
  • It does not get more awesome than this.

Join author and life-long Gettysburg Peach Orchard enthusiast Ralph Siegle, as he gives you a personal guided tour from behind the scenes of his amazon best selling “Peach Orchard: A Gettysburg Battlefield Guided Tour” co authored by his good friend and GLBG Mike Vallone, who passed away last year.

THE FINE PRINT: This is Self driving, on foot, no horses involved. Meet at Peach Orchard steps. Parking along Birney, Wheatfield and Sickles.

PURCHASE AND PRICE: Must book and purchase ONLINE or at the Gettysburg Heritage Center. Tickets are only $18.50! Only 20 spots available.

From the Battlefield to the Town- Evening Guided Walking Tours

2 hour walking tour with Licensed Battlefield Guide Jim Miller, “Lincoln, the National Cemetery, East Cemetery Hill, a Visit with Jennie and the Masons (shhhhh!)”  Dates and times below

Why stop when the sun goes down? Continue (or start) your time at Gettysburg on one of our Evening Strolls with a Licensed Battlefield Guide! 

REAL AMAZING TRUE VERIFIED history and stories to delight and amaze every age!

Join Licensed Battlefield Guide Jim Miller for 2 hours filled with amazing and interesting stories of the places and people who made history here.

– Start at the National Cemetery Lot, entering the National Cemetery on the south entrance. Exit the Cemetery on Baltimore St, crossing over to East Cemetery Hill. Travel down Baltimore St to say hey to Jennie Wade then up Steinwher Ave to the main Cemetery entrance. Learn a bit (or a lot- jim loves the facts about the Masons) about the Mason’s monument in the Cemetery. Walk through the old Cemetery back to the NPS Lot.

This is NOT a strenuous walk. Stroller and wheelchair friendly.

It does not get more awesome than this.

THE FINE PRINT: This is Self driving, on foot, no horses involved. Meet at the NPS Cemetery Lot between Tanneytown RD and Steinwher Ave.
PURCHASE AND PRICE: Must book and purchase ONLINE or at the Gettysburg Heritage Center.

Guided Horseback Tours ON the Gettysburg Battlefield!

Witness the Battlefield at the Speed of History!

Per insurance requirements, all participants must:

Weigh 250 pounds or less

Be age 8 and up

Participants ages 15 and under must also be accompanied on the tour by a parent or guardian

Riders under 18 are required to wear supplied helmet.  No exceptions.

If you are age 18 and and older and do not wish to wear a helmet, you MUST SIGN A HELMET WAIVER

In the event we are not able to have a live Licensed Battlefield Guide on a tour, we had our guide go into the studio to record his tour as a Recorded Narrative.  The headlines of each tour will state Licensed Battlefield guide or Recorded Narrative.

This happens VERY infrequently and is clearly marked on the availability.

1.5 Hour Tours are not offered daily. There is limited availability for this length.  We have found that even when guests think they want a shorter ride, they truly do not want to be done at an hour and a half! 

Book online!