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Gettysburg Battlefield Tours

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Historic Town Walking Tours

Walking tours through the Streets of Gettysburg! Join Historian Ken Rich for a tour in the town streets of Gettysburg! Tours range from serious history information to leisurely discussion of the actions and impact of the Battle to civilians and soldiers alike! First hand accounts are heavily used to weave together the story of the Town, the People and the Battle.

Ken’s Tours are amazing additions to individual, family and group visits to Gettysburg.  Tours can be tailored to groups of various age, level of study and type.  Scout Groups, Military Groups, Family Functions, Bus Tours and Organized Charters, or individuals planning your trip can contact us at 717-476-7428 to schedule tours not listed in our online availability calendar.

Walking Town Tour “Fighting Retreat”, North areas of town of Gettysburg

Join Ken Rich for a walking tour of the Northern portion of the town of Gettysburg. We will discuss the fighting in the town and examine this often overlooked portion of the Battle on July 1st 1863.
Described as a meeting engagement, the Confederate Army had more men and artillery available; The Union army had held up the Confederate onslaught as long as they could, planning to fall back to a reserve position on Cemetery Hill.
The retreat thru town on July 1st is sometime described as a route, while walking these paths of the soldiers we will discuss what happened as the Union army made their way to Cemetery Hill.

The tour will start outside the Railroad Station on Carlisle Street and move north on Stratton Street. We will proceed to the College, follow Washington St. to Chambersburg St. and then return to the Railroad Station. The walking tour will last two hours. This is a leisurely paced walk… No hiking… on paved roads…wheelchairs are manageable. There is Parking available at the RaceHorse Alley Parking Garage, and Street Parking in the Boro!

Walking Town Tour “Fighting in the Streets” with Ken Rich

A phenomenally researched look at how and where major events affecting July 1, 2, 3 1863 played out in the South of town.

Duration and Starting Location

Approximately a 2 hour walking tour beginning at the Gettysburg Heritage Center 297 Steinwehr Avenue

More Information

Parking is behind the building, with frequent stops along the route for interactive discussions and questions for The Red Shirt. It is at a leisurely pace. All walks are paved roads. There is no hiking. There are no drastic elevation changes. Wheelchairs are able to take the route.

Walking Town Tour “Reluctant Witness”- Ken Rich

Reluctant Witness is a 2 hour walking tour that showcases the civilians of Gettysburg who witnessed the horror of war, highlighting historic buildings and their importance. The research is about rediscovering first hand accounts describing civilian life and the musings of soldiers who tactically and tragically occupied the streets of Gettysburg those three long days July 1863. Ken’s unparalleled knowledge and pure joy gained in finding these life lines connecting the present and the past is humbling and contagious! Like no other, Ken brings July 1863 in the small town of Gettysburg to life.

Starting Location and Stops

The tour will start in AlumniPark, next to Mr G’s ice cream. It proceeds north on to Baltimore Street, highlighting areas on what was the main street through town in 1863. We will walk down historic High Street, talking about the then and now uses of these borough buildings and return to Alumni Park by way of Baltimore Street. This is a leisurely paced walk… No hiking… on paved roads…wheelchairs are manageable.

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